PR agency market size was still over HUF 13bn (36,9Million EURs) last year


The pandemic had a lower-than-expected impact on the market reducing its size by only 9%

Last year, Public Relations (PR) was a EUR 36,9million market according to data from the Hungarian Public Relations Association (HuPRA) which means a reduction of 9% in size compared to EUR 40,6 in 2019.

Although the decline in itself is bad, its rate is much lower than expected. Based on feedback received from heads of agencies in the early months of the pandemic, HuPRA projected a decline of 20% to 40%. Based on actual figures, the importance of PR experts supporting trust building and crisis management seems to increase which creates a growth opportunity for the PR agency market

The size of the so called Communication Cake compiled by the Hungarian Advertising Association had a value of EUR 1,1bn last year with PR activities accounting for 3.3% of this amount. The PR agency market has been considered an independent segment in this report since 2019 which is major progress for the PR community.

HuPRA membership grew significantly both last year and this year and a much higher number of agencies provided accurate financial data about their activities. As a result, the estimate of the size of the PR market has become a lot more accurate than before.

The presidium of HuPRA, celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, is still committed to presenting the achievements of PR and its contribution to the communication industry and corporate results in as many ways and at as many forums as possible.

“Public relations experts play a key role in crisis communication, in the dialogue with employees, that is, in internal communication, in maintaining the trust in companies as well as in purpose-driven branding. This year, market size will be influenced by several processes. When the pandemic crisis is over, we expect an increase in branding and value-based content production services. With the general election approaching, however, customers are likely to adopt a wait-and-see attitude regarding many projects. The heads of agencies are optimistic. Due to the growing number of incoming orders, most of them plan to implement development projects of different sizes this year”, said András Sztaniszláv, President of the Hungarian PR Association.

The Hungarian Public Relations Association (MPRSZ)


The association provides advocacy, professional development and services for the Hungarian PR industry. Founded in 1990, its membership of nearly 100 people includes freelancers, agency workers, corporate communication teams as well as university professors and sociologists as well.

MPRSZ provides advocacy and promotes the esteem of the PR-profession on an international level as well. Its members and Board stand up for the importance of sustainable development, professional ethics and social responsibility, and strive for the establishment of transparent, co-operative communication in the practice of the competitive markets as well. MPRSZ take a decisive stand against any measures restricting these principles, and also helps the professional development of those interested in Public Relations with professional events, statements, trainings and publications.

The work of the association is supported by its units (Employer Branding, Crisis Communications, Digital, and Public Affairs Units), and an Ethical Committee. The association awards the recognized professional prizes PR Excellence Hungary and Employer Branding Award. MPRSZ is a member of International Communication Consultancy Organisation (ICCO) and strategic partner of Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) and International PR Association (IPRA).